The Halibut are biting in full force out in Shelikof Strait. We had 4 fish around 70lbs and 2 weighing about 40lbs yesterday. All our guests have been getting their limits or as much fish as they planned to bring home

The Chinook Salmon are gobbling up baits and lures as they prepare for their summer run. 7 King Salmons were caught with one being around 30lbs.

The Rockfish have been plentiful including some near records taken. The other day we had a 32 and 33 inch YellowEye caught by our guests.

We are seeing plenty of fin whales, dolphins and occasionally we will even see Orca’s.

The bears are starting to come out as we have seen fresh tracks and scat on our local roads. The Pink Salmon will be showing up soon which will increase bear sightings all around the Kodiak Island

The weather has been averaging 60 to 65 degrees with partly blue skies for many weeks now. The seas have been averaging from 1 to 3ft and we have been able to get out to fish everyday.

Come join us and get in on the action!

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