Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Lodge Record King Salmon

Our salmon and trout opportunities are so varied and diverse you may find it difficult to choose a time most suited for your needs. Steelhead or leopard rainbows as they are sometimes called average about 10 pounds but fish up to 20 pounds are not unheard of. In May, after completing their spawn, Steelhead start their annual migration to the ocean from the Karluk Lake through the Karluk River. Catching Steelhead at this time of the year can be fast and furious. So if you are looking for the best salmon fishing in Alaska come to Kodiak Island Resort!

Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Fly fisherman delight in how readily these ravenous fish take properly presented flies. Anglers that prefer conventional gear will be amazed at how these fish attack small spinner baits as they pass small outcroppings or boulders.

Anglers will often be entertained watching the bears fish nearby

Salmon Fishing in Alaska: The Best Times To Go

May Salmon Fishing

May is when we catch Chinook or King salmon in the saltwater bays around Larsen Bay. These fish are most often taken trolling various baits along sandy beaches or over “king holes”. As June arrives many of the kings begin their migration up the Karluk River to spawn. These fish can be taken on conventional fly gear and generally average 20-30 pounds. When the run is on you can’t help but get exhausted battling these tremendous fighters.

June and July Salmon Fishing

As June and July roll around we continue catching the last of the kings running the streams to spawn and the pinks also begin their annual spawn during this month. Larsen Bay is blessed with numerous streams where these fish return. When the pinks show up the resident Kodiak Brown bears know it is time to fatten up for the coming winter. You will literally wear yourself out catching pinks if that is what you decide to target.

August Salmon Fishing

August is when our most prolific fishing commences, with the return of our Coho or Silver salmon to spawn in local rivers. These fish are caught in the ocean in large numbers trolling various baits or mooching with jigs and cut herring. This time of the year is when we catch the most fish. In addition to catching silvers in the ocean we catch many saltwater kings feeding with the silvers.

September through October Salmon Fishing

September brings the sockeye salmon and silvers that begin moving from the ocean to the streams begin their annual fall run. We still catch plenty in the saltwater but now is the time to breakout the fly or spin casting gear for the freshwater battles.

Towards the end of September and October big, fat and happy Steelhead return to the streams also. September is a tremendous time to catch a host of salmon in both salt and freshwater. For those that want even more nothing is more exciting than fishing for rainbow and brook trout in mountain lakes. There are a number of lakes around Larsen Bay teaming with trout that most likely have never seen a fisherman, much less an artificial bait. These lakes are a fly fisherman’s dreams come true and an added bonus is the prolific amount of wildlife encountered in these areas. Two of our lakes are also full of Dolly Varden that can be taken some days on nearly every cast.

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