Hiking on Larsen Bay

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Embark on an unforgettable hiking adventure on Kodiak Island, where breathtaking landscapes await at every turn. With mountains soaring over two thousand feet and lush valleys teeming with diverse wildlife, Kodiak Island is a hiker’s paradise. Trails starting right from our lodge will lead you through pristine wilderness, offering chances to encounter the majestic Kodiak Brown Bear, Sitka Black Tailed Deer, foxes, and many spieces of duck including the majestic harlequin duck. Whether you’re trekking up the mountains or exploring the shoreline, our expert guides prioritize your safety and enjoyment, ensuring a memorable and thrilling hiking experience.

Best Time Of Year To Go Hiking In Kodiak Alaska

The best time to go hiking in Kodiak, Alaska, spans from May to September. During these months, Kodiak Island experiences milder weather, longer daylight hours, and generally more stable hiking conditions. This period aligns with the island’s peak tourist season, offering optimal opportunities to explore its diverse landscapes and wildlife.

In May, the island begins to emerge from its winter slumber, with temperatures gradually warming up and daylight extending well into the evening. This is an excellent time for hiking as trails start to clear from snow, and the vegetation begins to bloom, creating picturesque landscapes.

June, July, and August mark the height of summer in Kodiak. These months offer the warmest temperatures of the year, with daytime highs ranging from 55°F to 65°F (13°C to 18°C) on average. The extended daylight hours provide ample time for longer hikes and exploration of Kodiak’s pristine wilderness areas.

September brings cooler temperatures and the onset of fall colors, offering hikers a chance to experience the island amidst vibrant autumn hues. While temperatures may begin to cool towards the end of September, the weather remains generally favorable for outdoor activities, making it an ideal time for hiking before the winter sets in.

Best Hiking Trails to Explore on Kodiak Alaska

Discovering Kodiak Island on foot reveals a treasure trove of scenic vistas, historical landmarks, and diverse ecosystems. Here are some of the best hiking trails that showcase the island’s natural beauty and cultural heritage:

Trail to Karluk River

Located on Kodiak’s southwest end, the Karluk River area is renowned for its fishing, wildlife viewing, and pristine wilderness. Hike along the riverbank within the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, passing through lands managed by Koniag, Inc., and the Karluk Tribal Council. This area offers unparalleled opportunities to observe wildlife, explore remote trails, and experience the untamed beauty of Kodiak Island.

Anton Larsen Bay

A tranquil bay offering access to scenic hikes, Anton Larsen Bay features a variety of trails leading to natural wonders like waterfalls and Cascade Lake. Traverse scrub-covered hillsides and cross the Red Cloud River (watch for tides!) to reach these scenic spots, where you can immerse yourself in Kodiak’s rugged landscapes and geological formations.

Near Island - South End Trail

Accessed near Trident Basin floatplane harbor, this rugged trail meanders through meadows adorned with summer wildflowers and skirts cliffs overlooking Chiniak Bay. Keep an eye out for marine birds like puffins and cormorants, as well as forest-dwelling species such as warblers and sparrows. The trail rewards hikers with spectacular coastal vistas and serene natural surroundings.

Trail to Heitman Lake

Located past Salonie Creek, this trail leads through dense alders and tall grasses to picturesque Heitman Lake, ideal for a peaceful picnic or refreshing swim on sunny days. For the adventurous, continue along the ridge to Heitman Peak and beyond, offering expansive views and the chance to spot upland birds, deer, and possibly bears.

Fort Abercrombie State Park

This 182-acre park is beloved for its historical significance and natural beauty. Trails wind through coastal forests, past WWII-era bunkers, and along rocky beaches offering panoramic ocean views. Explore trails like the Lake Gertrude Loop or wander along the cliffs to discover tide pools and summer naturalist programs that delve into the area’s ecology.

What to Pack for a Hiking Trip Adventure on Kodiak Island

Preparing for a hiking trip on Kodiak Island requires careful consideration of your gear and clothing to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience amidst the island’s rugged wilderness. Here’s a comprehensive guide to packing for your Kodiak hiking adventure:

Gear and Equipment
  • Backpack: A well-fitting backpack with a 40-70L capacity is ideal. Ensure it’s comfortable, especially if you’re carrying bear-resistant food containers.
  • Waterproof pack cover: Choose one large enough to cover your pack and any external items. Alternatively, line your backpack with a trash compactor bag for waterproofing.
  • Water bottle or hydration bladder: 1-2L capacity is usually sufficient.
  • Tent: Opt for a tent that can withstand strong winds and rain. A mesh tent with a separate waterproof rain fly is ideal for humidity control.
  • Bear-resistant food container (BRFC): These are essential in many parts of Alaska for safely storing food.
  • Stove and Fuel: Ensure your stove functions properly before your trip. Plan for 2-3 ounces of fuel per person per day.
  • Cookset: Simple meals require just one pot; more complex meals might need two.
  • Eating bowl & utensils: A long spoon and a collapsible bowl are practical.
  • Water treatment: Use a pump filter, gravity filter, or purification chemicals to ensure safe drinking water.
  • Bathroom kit: A one-gallon Ziplock bag with toilet paper, hand sanitizer, a small trowel, and a lighter is practical.
  • Communication device(s): A satellite texting device like an inReach or SPOT is essential for remote areas.
  • Navigation tools: A map and compass are reliable, but phone apps like GaiaGPS or handheld GPS devices are also useful.
  • Medical kit: Include essentials like gloves, a CPR mask, medications, and wound-care supplies.
  • Trekking poles: These are helpful, especially for river crossings.
  • Sleeping bag and pad: A 20-30F bag for summer trips and a lightweight sleeping pad for comfort.
  • Headlamp: Pack one if traveling in May, August, or September.
  • Repair kit: Carry essentials for fixing broken gear.
  • Hiking boots: Break them in before your trip to avoid discomfort.
  • Hiking socks: Choose based on personal preference, from thin liner socks to thick wool socks.
  • Camp shoes: Options include Crocs or old tennis shoes, useful for river crossings.
  • Rain jacket and pants: Waterproof Gore-Tex is ideal.
  • Layers: Pack a T-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, hiking pants, hiking shorts, and a mid-weight fleece jacket.
  • Hat and gloves: A billed hat for sun/rain protection and fleece gloves for warmth.
  • Insulated jacket: A synthetic or down “puffy” jacket for additional warmth.
  • Personal items: Sunglasses, toiletries, personal medications, sunscreen, and insect repellent are essential.
Discretionary Items
  • Pack towel, journal, book, and camera: Optional items for comfort and documenting your trip.
  • Binoculars and headnet: Useful for wildlife viewing and bug protection.
Hiking On Kodiak Island Resort

What Type Of Things Can You Expect To See On A Hiking Adventure

Embarking on a hiking adventure in Kodiak, Alaska, promises an array of awe-inspiring sights and experiences amidst its diverse natural landscapes. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to encounter during your hike:


Kodiak Island is renowned for its rich wildlife diversity. On your hike, you may encounter the iconic Kodiak brown bear, which roams freely in its natural habitat. Other indigenous mammals include red foxes, river otters, sea otters, seals, sea lions, and various bird species like puffins, harlequin ducks, and more.

Scenic Landscapes

The hiking trails on Kodiak Island traverse through a variety of landscapes, from lush forests to rugged coastlines and alpine meadows. Each trail offers unique scenic vistas that capture the island’s natural beauty, including panoramic views of mountains, glaciers, and pristine lakes.

Flora and Fauna

Explore the island’s diverse flora, including native plants such as wildflowers, berries, and unique vegetation adapted to Kodiak’s climate. Learn about the ecological importance of these plants and their role in sustaining Kodiak’s delicate ecosystem.

Marine Life

Many hiking trails on Kodiak Island offer views of its abundant marine life. Watch for harbor seals, Steller sea lions, sea otters, and various whale species such as humpback, minke, fin, and killer whales in the coastal waters. These sightings add a marine dimension to your hiking adventure.

Birdwatching Opportunities

Kodiak Island is a haven for birdwatchers, with numerous hiking trails offering prime birdwatching opportunities. Spot migratory birds, nesting seabirds, and rare avian species that thrive in Kodiak’s diverse habitats.

Kodiak Island Resort At A Glance 

Number of Guests We Can Accommodate Per Trip


Spacious Bedrooms


Private Bathrooms

Full-time Staff Members

Fishing Experience from our Captains

36ft Fishing Boats

Dining at Kodiak Island Resort

At the end of your exciting day sport-fishing and sightseeing, relax in our executive lounging area, feast on our tasty hors-d’oeuvres, and enjoy your favorite drink while recounting your day’s adventures with your friends and family. (Though we don’t provide liquor, you’ll find a generous supply of ice, mixers, and soft drinks in the lounging/wet-bar area to meet your needs.) Our appetizer platters are heaping with fresh crab, smoked salmon, shrimp, cheeses, homemade dips, crackers, and other marvelous culinary masterpieces from our gourmet chef.

Oh the food… You’re going to love it!

Our oceanfront dining room enjoys marvelous views of the mountains, ocean, and wildlife, which along with our four star service and comfortable lodge ambiance, make for a truly special dining experience!


Dining at Kodiak Island Resort is always an event… You will really enjoy your delicious meals while taking in our expansive view of the Kodiak Mountains and Larsen Bay. The main course will range from Halibut Florentine or Halibut stuffed with crab meat, King Salmon with Hollandaise sauce, to Porterhouse or Prime rib steaks. On the lighter side, how about Fettuccine Alfredo with smoked salmon? Savor our homemade breads and desserts. Though we enjoy showcasing our area’s fresh seafood, we realize ‘one shoe’ doesn’t fit all our guests’ palates, therefore, our head chef prepares an assortment of delicious Alaskan cuisine to make sure everyone has a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience.

Full breakfasts and fresh pastries are served early so as to fortify our guests for a full day of adventures. Lunches are customized by each guest to their own palates and sent out each day in your own personal insulated lunch box. Soft drinks of your preference are iced and stocked on each boat.

Dining at Kodiak Island Resort is always an event… You will really enjoy your delicious meals while taking in our expansive view of the Kodiak Mountains and Larsen Bay. The main course will range from Halibut Florentine or Halibut stuffed with crab meat, King Salmon with Hollandaise sauce, to Porterhouse or Prime rib steaks. On the lighter side, how about Fettuccine Alfredo with smoked salmon? Savor our homemade breads and desserts. Though we enjoy showcasing our area’s fresh seafood, we realize ‘one shoe’ doesn’t fit all our guests’ palates, therefore, our head chef prepares an assortment of delicious Alaskan cuisine to make sure everyone has a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience.

Guest Suites at Kodiak Island Resort

The lodge has six spacious, double occupancy rooms, each with a private bathroom, two full size beds, panoramic views of Larsen Bay, and the surrounding mountains.


Often while in your room brown bears, foxes, deer and bald eagles can be seen on our property.

Executive Lounging Area at Kodiak Island Resort

For indoor relaxation the recreation area has a wet bar, television, movies, and a card table for your enjoyment. There is a good selection of nature tapes about Alaska. You can also hook up your video camera to view your daily fishing action if you wish. Our sincere objective is to surpass our guest’s expectations for great service. There is always plenty of finger food available during your stay in the Executive Lounging Area to enjoy, along with your favorite drink while watching a show on our large screen television. Though we don’t provide hard liquor, we do provide a supply of mixes and cubed ice for your drinks. We are happy to accommodate dietary considerations; we only ask to have ample notification to place special orders prior to your arrival.

Other Activities

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Other Activities

Have someone in your group who yearns for something more? Oh, we’ve got you covered! We have a fleet of battery powered, e-bikes. Plus… kayaks, beach exploring, beach campfires, remote river fishing, and more wildlife than you can imagine!

Lodge Staff at Kodiak Island Resort

Our hostesses are always courteous and friendly, and pleased to take your special requests. Our housekeeping staff keeps your rooms spotlessly maintained with a little extra elbow grease applied; they take pride in their work, and it really shows – your rooms are comfortable and inviting.

Your dining pleasure at Kodiak Island Resort will only be surpassed by your fishing adventures, and luxury accommodations.

Steve Terrill
Steve Terrill
If you are trying to plan a salmon fishing trip in Kodiak Island I would for sure pick this place. It was amazing!
Serina Terrill
Serina Terrill
I have went to Alaska salmon fishing almost every year. This lodge gets it done. We limited out every day on all Tudor’s of fish.
David Goodman
David Goodman
Out of all the Kodiak Island fishing lodges this one was 100 percent the best. I can not wait to visit again.
Matthew Giordano
Matthew Giordano
The Alaska fishing trip of a life time!
Kristi Carriveau Falliaux
Kristi Carriveau Falliaux
This is one of the best fishing lodges in Alaska I have ever visited! I highly recommended visiting.
Alicia Gelles
Alicia Gelles
The most AMAZING experience!! 100% of the staff was absolutely solid and wonderful!!! I can't recommend this place enough!! They have thought of EVERYTHING!! 💗
Kari Hanson
Kari Hanson
we had a blast fishing, the best place to experience fishing, the resort and employees were fantastic, the cook made extremely delicious meals the whole time. Everyone there made it feel like you were family ❤️
Jim Roberge
Jim Roberge
Great Trip! The house crew of Erica, Kitty and Brian were fabulous. Boat Crews of Captain Mike and Jake and Captain Bob and Heath always put you on fish. Everyone makes you feel like family. The adventure begins when your transport planes can’t pick you up!
Travis Verley
Travis Verley
Great spot, 1st class service in a remote and beautiful part of the country. Very hospitable, but be prepared for all 4 seasons!
Richsrd G
Richsrd G
Kodiak Island Resort is an incredible experience and would be great for any type of getaway! Top-notch accommodations, food, hospitality, and amazing fishing. Will definitely be going back!

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