July Fishing Report

July Fishing Report

The Lingcod fishing has bean amazing. Clients have bean limiting out one these dinosaur looking fish with some being over 50lb’s.

The name “ Lingcod” causes some confusion in the culinary world because it is neither a “Cod” nor a “Ling”! It is actually a Pacific Greenling. Popular lore suggests that early settlers chose this name due to its similarity to European Ling coupled with its cod-like flaky white flesh. They are indigenous only to the Pacific West Coast and are nicknamed “buckethead” because of their enormous head.

Lingcod is a lean white fleshed fish with a mild flavor profile, medium-firm
texture and large flakes. The raw flesh may have a blue-green shimmer which reminds you of a sort of gasoline slick. But don’t worry, this is natural for this fish and it disappears with cooking, leaving beautiful white flesh.

July Fishing Report at Kodiak Island Resort

Halibut, on Halibut, on Halibut… so many halibut. We are so lucky to be able to have so a great opportunity to catch these beautiful bottom fish close to our lodge. Today, Halibut is one of the most favorite seafood around the world. But what makes Halibut so unique? The answer lies in its satisfying taste. So what is the flavor of Halibut?

Halibut has a mild and gentle flavor that is similar to the sweet taste of clam or crab. When compared to other fish, it resembles mild white flesh such as Tilapia. Besides, the meat of this large flatfish is firmer and thicker than cod Halibut has such a mild and gentle flavor, so it pairs greatly with stronger seasonings, such as basil, lemon joicue and pesto.

As for as the salmon go we still have caught some kings (Chinook) but we are noticing the silver (Coho) salmon are now showing up with those being caught as well. We believe the silvers should be start showing up more and more know. The pinks have not entered the local river yet be we expect them to be fighting their way up the stream soon.

Salmon are one of nature’s miracles, a resource of protein and nitrogen that feeds entire ecosystems, both marine and terrestrial. Coho salmon are considered teh second largest with some ranging up towards 30lb’s and we would say one of the best fighters. On the table, it performs just as spectacularly. It has a high oil content (though not as high as the Chinook’s) and its meat is rich, red and delicious.

The yellow eye and other species of rock fish are still amazing us. We have actually had one that reached almost 34 inches which is one of the biggest ones ever taken at our lodge.

Rockfish has flaky, white meat with a delicate , medium firm texture and a fabulous, slightly sweet, mild flavor. This is a fantastic fish in almost any recipes but using them for fresh fish tacos is one of our favorates because of the large flacky whit meat

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