July Fishing Update For Kodiak Resort, Larsen Bay, AK

July Fishing Update For Kodiak Resort, Larsen Bay, AK

Lingcod fishing has been in full swing as of July 1 which was opening day. These prehistoric looking fish never disappoint and are amazing to eat. The limit on these monsters is two per person per day. Clients are still limiting out or catching as much as they want to take home on all other bottom fish species. The new phrase they are using is “catching” instead of “fishing” because that is what happens here when we go out on the water.

Kings are still being caught but the chum salmon should be showing up anytime to the local village river. If you haven’t caught a chum on the fly or spinning rod, you are simply missing out.  These bruisers are underrated as a sport fish, and I would argue that pound for pound they will put up a bigger fight than most kings.

Capt Jim and Erika

Sockeye’s have been showing up around the bays. Fish and game reported almost 200 thousand into the Karluk River this past week. These are a little bit more of an oily fish and one of our favorites to eat.

Going over to Katmai National Park this last weekend both of our boats where entertained by the largest pod of Orcas we have ever seen. The largest of the pack was leading the group in a V formation while all of them danced for us for almost 30 minutes. Nothing more than spectacular!

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